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    Automatic temperature electric heating belt

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    Product overview

    The automatic temperature electric belt is the original heating core wire imported from famous foreign companies. It is made of insulating sheath and braided by our company. This product adopts international! EEE standard manufacturing. There are two types of electric heating belt: ordinary type (zro-l) and enhanced type (zrd-h).

    Product features

    1. Small power attenuation and long service life.

    2. The temperature of the heat tracing pipeline is uniform, not overheated, safe and reliable.

    3. The output power can be adjusted according to the heat tracing temperature, which is suitable for the heat tracing system with complex thermal field.

    4. It can be cut arbitrarily according to the length of the pipe, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

    Parameter configuration

    The automatic temperature electric heating belt is widely used in industry, mainly suitable for power plant, offshore platform, petrochemical plant, high-rise building supporting facilities and food processing, etc., and the reinforced type is suitable for corrosive occasions.2019東方電熱電子樣本-11.png