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    Bundle type electric heating core

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    Product overview

    The corresponding electric heating core equipment is customized according to the pipe orifice size on site, which is mainly composed of electric heating pipe, tube sheet flange and junction box.

    Parameter configuration of electric heating core:

    1. Heating tube material range: s32168, s31603, 310S, Incoloy800, alloy600

    2. Design temperature range: 50 ~ 800 ℃

    3. Voltage level: 220V ~ 690V

    4. Heating medium range: various gases and liquids

    5. Heating core wiring mode "△" and "Y"

    Product features

    1. Small volume, high power and fast thermal response.

    2. The heating temperature is high, up to 950 ℃.

    3. It is suitable for heating various liquid and gas media.

    4. Long service life.

    5. Equipped with electric control system and automatic control.

    Parameter configuration

    It is suitable for heat preservation and heating of materials in various storage tanks, containers, oil tanks and solution tanks